Quebec, QC, Canada, November 29th, 2016 – NuRAN Wireless Inc. (“NuRAN Wireless” or the “Company”) (CSE: NUR) (OTC: NRRWF), a leading supplier of mobile and broadband wireless solutions to connect the next billion, is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed a trial in Guinea that is expected to lead to many additional deployments in the country.


NuRAN Wireless, in partnership with the wholesale operator Africa Mobile Network (“AMN”), brought mobile connectivity to the approximately 3000 inhabitants of the remote villages of Djiffa and Fonodougou in Guinea, through a solar-powered radio access network. The interworking with the Tier-1 operator’s core network was performed in record time, allowing the population to get voice and data connectivity for the very first time in their villages in less than two weeks after the trial’s start date. The final installation onsite took place in a single day, allowing the enthusiastic locals to perform calls in the same evening through their new low-power consumption network. 
 NuRAN's trial in Guinea


“We were impressed by the speed at which NuRAN achieved interoperability with the core network, and by how the sites have been yielding strong KPIs since day one”, says Michael Darcy, CEO of AMN. “There is no doubt LiteRAN 2G was built from the ground up for carriers to expand their footprint into remote, rural areas. They succeeded in enabling mobile connectivity for the Next Billion at minimal total cost of ownership (TCO), while exceeding expectations in terms of performance and reliability.”


“This conclusive trial in such a record time testifies of the maturity of the technology behind NuRAN’s LiteRAN 2G. Not only does our solution solves the main issues faced by operators willing to establish mobile networks in rural areas, it is now proven that it does so without compromising on reliability, quality or ease of installation and interworking. Meeting these criterias is crucial and this project perfectly illustrates why NuRAN, with its reliable solution and its experienced engineering team, is the first choice when it comes to rural connectivity” explained Martin Bedard, Co-CEO and Co-President of NuRAN Wireless. “NuRAN and AMN made for a solid team on this project and we’re confident that the success we experienced in Guinea will be often repeated in the future.”


This trial shall lead to an undisclosed amount of additional sites installations.


About AMN

AMN’s mission is to build mobile network base stations serving rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa which have no existing service, providing mobile network operators with a capex-free route to add new subscribers and new revenues and with incremental costs. The vision of AMN is a fully-connected Africa, with no community of any significant size being without basic telecommunications services to deliver social, economic, educational and other benefits to the population. For more information contact AMN at


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