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Empowering Communities: Introducing Solstice Solar Solutions

Welcome to a new era of connectivity with Solstice Solar Solutions, a groundbreaking initiative by NuRAN Wireless aimed at bringing essential communication services to underserved communities. In an age where digital inclusion is paramount, Solstice Solar Solutions stands as a game-changer, transforming lives and empowering communities.

Connecting the World

In remote villages, Solstice Solar Solutions provides a lifeline, ensuring that everyone can access the benefits of mobile communication. Our solar-powered stations are strategically installed to bridge the connectivity gap, bringing reliable phone recharging capabilities to those who need it the most.

Smart and Sustainable Solutions

Solstice Solar Solutions is intelligently designed to thrive in diverse weather conditions. This solar-powered solution not only ensures uninterrupted service but also contributes to sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Innovative Software Connectivity

Solstice Solar Solutions doesn’t just stop at hardware; our innovative software feature allows clients to seamlessly connect with the charging stations. Monitor your payment solutions, track usage, and stay connected with the charging station network—all at your fingertips.

Products Tailored for Every Village

At NuRAN Wireless, we’re thrilled to present our latest innovations in sustainable connectivity: Solstice18 and Solstice24. These cutting-edge phone charging solutions are designed to cater to diverse village sizes, ensuring seamless connectivity and community empowerment.

Smart For The Environment.
Smart For Your Community

Solar-Powered Reliability

Our commitment to sustainability remains unwavering. Solstice Solar Solutions harness the power of the sun to ensure continuous and reliable connectivity, even in the most remote areas.

Different charging systems that can charge up to 225 phones/day.

NuRAN Wireless offers customizable solutions to meet the unique requirements of various village sizes and usage volumes. Whether it’s a small community or a bustling village, our range of products can be tailored to fit your connectivity needs.

Giving back to the communities
Community-Driven Mission

Beyond connectivity, our mission is to empower communities. NuRAN Wireless allocates a percentage of profits generated to support community initiatives, ranging from additional solar equipment to vital infrastructure projects like schools and clean water installation


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