“The speed of progress from Facebook itself has been impressive, but it needs to attract more third party support for commercial products based on its platforms. One small but highly relevant supporter, however, is NuRAN Wireless of Canada, whose LiteRAN 2G base station for remote areas is being validated under TIP, and which will distribute the OpenCellular products as they emerge.

NuRAN provides outdoor GSM small cells with solar power for locations which have no access to traditional telecoms infrastructure. Now it will supply and support OpenCellular offerings as they go into trials. This will start early next year, and Facebook hopes to encourage broad familiarity with its platform to extend the ecosystem”

“There is likely to be more impact in the near term from OpenCellular’s core platform, because it targets underserved areas where traditional vendors and operators continue to struggle with the economics of mobile broadband. Also, it provides a low cost, multi-operator small cell – a platform for which the industry is crying out.”


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