Quebec, QC, Canada, January 31st, 2018 – NuRAN Wireless Inc. (CSE: NUR) (OTC: NRRWF) is pleased to announce that it now officially offers a complete cellular site solution for operators looking for a turnkey mobile infrastructure to be deployed in rural and remote locations worldwide.

The complete site solution consists of all elements that are required to setup and operate a NuRAN-based rural telecom site including cellular backhaul, antenna systems, tower/mast, and solar power. This solution has been carefully designed by NuRAN to optimize the operator’s return on investment as well as to alleviate the complexity of system-level integration and multi-vendor sourcing. NuRAN has already identified and sourced qualified vendors for all aspects of the turnkey solution. The Company has also completed thorough system-level testing and quality control testing to ensure long term optimal performance while sourcing the components with the most competitive price point.

Complete site solutions are being offered in direct response to a number of current NuRAN customers and potential customers asking for such pre-integrated, turnkey systems sourced from a single supplier. This complete site solution significantly increases NuRAN’s per-site revenues while also increasing overall profitability.


About NuRAN Wireless


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