Quebec, QC, November 23rd, 2016 – NuRAN Wireless (“Nuran or the “Company”) (CSE:NUR) (OTC:NRRWF) a leading supplier of mobile and broadband wireless solutions to connect the next billion, is proud to announce that World Telecom Labs (WTL) won the award for “Best Connectivity Solution for Africa” with Vivada, a rural connectivity solution based on NuRAN’s LiteCell basestation, at the AfricaCom Awards 2016.

The panel awarded WTL for Vivada (Village Voice and Data); a complete innovative solution specifically designed to enable new breeds of operators, such as MVNOs (“Mobile Virtual Network Operators”), to offer service to people in rural areas directly and terminate the traffic to an existing operator within the country, effectively creating a shared rural access infrastructure.  This solution relies on NuRAN’s low-power GSM LiteCell base station to offer mobile connectivity in remote areas at a significantly reduced total cost of ownership. WTL was competing with businesses from across the continent within the telecom, media and ICT sector that are improving connectivity in rural, urban and underserved areas in Africa.

Vivada’s first success was with Tanzanian MVNO AMOTEL, who bridged the gap between remote communities close to Lake Tanganyika, and TTCL, one of the country’s operators. The project also won the Best African Project award at the Annual Global Carrier Awards earlier in the month.

“It is an honor for NuRAN Wireless to be a key component of the tremendous and well-deserved success WTL has obtained with the Vivada Solution. Our combined technologies are a perfect solution for rural networks and having this type of recognition by the industry as well as from the local population where it’s being deployed is extremely rewarding.” said Martin Bedard, Co-CEO and Co-President of NuRAN Wireless. “We have many upcoming deployments of GSM LiteCells in Vivada for the months to come and this award makes us even more eager to deploy”.

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World Telecom Labs (WTL) is a Belgium-based company that has pioneered the development of VoIP switches, Pre-Paid applications and signalling gateways for emerging carriers and telecom service operators for nearly 20 years.

We have an installed base of 100,000s of voice ports and signalling trunks, switching billions of minutes of VoIP traffic and delivering valuable services, with service providers worldwide.

We specialise in SS7, VoIP, SMS, as well as IPNx, SoIP Gateway, PVx, and Voice-over- Satellite, and we are the creators of NOP, a VoIP optimisation technology that saves 50% of bandwidth for any VoIP traffic. Our innovative Soft DSP processing technology and rural connectivity solutions are now available for deployment.