Quebec, QC, Canada, February 10th, 2017 – NuRAN Wireless Inc. (“NuRAN Wireless” or the “Company”) (CSE: NUR) (OTC:NRRWF), a leading supplier of mobile and broadband wireless solutions to connect the next billion, is pleased to announce that it has received over $1 Million (one million) dollars of new purchase orders from various clients for its wholly owned engineering subsidiary,  Nutaq Innovation Inc. (“Nutaq”).

The contracts include wireless and multichannel testbed platforms and engineering services for multiple applications including ‘Ground to Air’ 4G communications, Multichannel Sensors and Radar Applications as well as LTE testing and private networking solutions.

Nutaq is a leading provider of advanced digital signal processing (“DSP”) solutions and wireless technologies, including software defined radios (“SDR”). Nutaq operates three complementary lines of business: (i) Wireless Network Products, (ii) Advanced Development Platforms (“ADP”) and (iii) Engineering Services.

These new contracts continue to demonstrate NuRAN’s ability to work on the most advanced and cutting edge engineering in the wireless field.  NuRAN is recognised worldwide as a market leader in technology innovation in wireless and multi channel solutions.

The company’s engineering know-how has led to development of the world’s lowest capex and opex products for remote and rural connectivity.  The company is also working to develop the next generation of products to maintain its worldwide leadership.

“Nutaq has always been at the heart of what we know best. It is through this expertise developed over the past 25 years that we are now in a position to exploit a huge need to connect the next billion with cellular and data. Our products were born from this know-how. We expect 2017 to be a transformative year for NuRAN as we convert our ever increasing sales pipeline to purchase orders”, states Martin Bedard.


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