Quebec, QC, Canada, July 31st, 2019 – NuRAN Wireless Inc. (“NuRAN Wireless” or the “Company”) (CSE: NUR) (OTC: NRRWF) (FSE: 1RN), with its wholly-owned subsidiary Nutaq Innovation, confirms 5G capability of its equipment.

NuRAN has conducted over-the-air 5G communication tests between its equipment and commercial 5G-capable smartphones. The infrastructure side of the setup consisted of Nutaq’s existing LTE test & measurement system whose software was upgraded to run as a 4G + 5G NR access point, known as a gNodeB.

5G, the fifth generation of standardized mobile communication, achieves throughputs upwards of one gigabit per second (1 Gbps), latencies as low as 1 ms, as well as increased spectral and power efficiency. 5G will enable a host of new applications such as massive Internet of Things (mIoT), mobile virtual/augmented reality, and autonomous driving, deeply transforming whole industry sectors. According to market analysts, the global 5G market is expected to reach between 58 and 277 billion USD by 2025.

While NuRAN’s 5G support is currently limited to Nutaq’s test & measurement systems which are targeted at early adopters, NuRAN’s portfolio of carrier-grade deployable infrastructure solutions such as LiteRAN xG, a software-defined multi-standard radio access network, will later benefit from that technology to provide operators with an evolution path to 5G.

“The conclusive testing of 5G strengthens the Company’s position as a leading supplier of mobile and broadband wireless infrastructure solutions. Such technical advancements are key for NuRAN in setting its base for longer-term success”, stated Maxime Dumas, President & CEO of NuRAN Wireless.

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