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AfricaCom – November 7-9, 2017
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What Mobile Technology Suits Africa Right Now?

As the global telecoms market moves to deploy more 4G/LTE networks and looks to establish the first 5G networks, what does this mean for developing regions such as Africa, Latin America and South East Asia?

Raeanna Group Committed to Deploy over 1000 Sites in Nigeria using NuRAN’s GSM Solution

Raeanna Group is now committed to the deployment of over 1000 sites using NuRAN's LiteRAN 2G Solution in Nigeria over the next five years. This commitment is further to the May 25 press release whereby NuRAN had announced receiving an order for hundreds of sites from an undisclosed Tier One Operator in Africa worth over $4 Million.

NuRAN Selected by US Navy Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) to Supply SDR

NuRAN Selected by US Navy Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) to Supply SDR

NuRAN Introduces OC-2G: A New TIP OpenCellular Product

NuRAN announced the official introduction of OC-2G at the 2nd OpenCellular Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. The OC-2G is the third product to emerge from the Facebook lead Telecom Infra Project (“TIP”) initiative since its formation at the Mobile World Congress in 2016.

Your Challenges, Our Solutions

Rural Radio Access Network

Rural Radio Access Network

Radio Access Network (RAN) for Rural and Remote Locations

Enterprise Radio Access Network

Enterprise Radio Access Network

Radio Access Network for High Density Zones (in-building or outside)



Network-in-a-box for IoT purposes or for quick deployment of a network

GSM LiteCell

The world’s most affordable, lowest power consumption, and easiest to deploy GSM micro-BTS

  • Dual-TRX, 10W each channel
  • Power consumption: 43W (2x5W) / 65W (2x10W)
  • Lowest TCO


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