Nutaq, a world leader in high-performance data acquisition and software-defined radio systems (SDR), creates a separate entity for its line of wireless end products, named NuRAN Wireless.

Nutaq supplies powerful, state-of-the-art software-defined radio systems to engineers and researchers who are prototyping novel wireless algorithms and communication protocols. During the past ten years, Nutaq has gained significant expertise in mobile communications and small cells technology, which has been put to good use in the development of its first series of wireless end products, namely the Superfemto and LiteCell. Both GSM Radio Access Network products dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership, and are so efficient that they may be powered by solar panels, enabling operators to reach areas and connect subscribers that were previously considered impractical, or non-profitable.

Seeing steady growth year on year for this product line, Nutaq decided to create a separate entity which will be focused entirely on delivering best-in-class small cells wireless solutions to its customer base, which ranges from small private network operators, all the way to major Tier-1 mobile network operators. The increased focus will also accelerate the company’s developments relative to LTE and TV White Space, for which trials are ongoing under experimental license from Industry Canada.

“Our wireless products have been very successful thus far, and the creation of a dedicated entity is key in growing beyond the current capacity,” says Maxime Dumas, Head of Strategy and Business Development for NuRAN Wireless. The new branding will be introduced at Mobile World Congress 2014, February 24 to 27, in Barcelona.