Nuran wireless is a specialist telecommunications company that meets the growing demand from third world countries and remote regions for wireless network coverage. With its affordable and innovative solutions of 2g / 3g / 4g technologies, nuran wireless offers a new possibility for more than one billion human beings to be able to communicate effectively over long distances. Having been known by different names, it is because of its resilience, noble values and a passionate team that nuran wireless can continue to pursue an inspiring goal to serve a cause greater than itself.


Now more than ever, human beings have a growing need to be connected to a vast network that provides a window to the outside world and a connection with those around them. At nuran wireless, we offer millions people in developing countries a universal possibility: to connect to a global network and communicate over long distances efficiently and affordably. Thus, our innovative, compact and adapted solutions for rural regions will allow everyone to stay connected and keep in touch with their families, friends and relatives.


Humbly contributing to connect billions of people in rural and remote regions to a fast, reliable and expansive wireless network through innovative and affordable solutions.

« Bridging the digital divide, one connection at a time. »