Complete Network Management and Operations Centre



SENTINEL is a comprehensive network management and monitoring solution designed to keep communication service providers running 24/7. It provides real-time visibility into the performance of networks, applications and services, allowing businesses to ensure high service availability to its customers, through quick problem identification and resolution.

Network Monitoring

 Monitors network infrastructure

 Tracks network traffic, performance indicators, and system health metrics

 Identifies potential issues or anomalies

Incident Management

 Swiftly responds to network issues or outages

 Follows predefined procedures and best practices

 Minimizes downtime and mitigates impact on network services

Troubleshooting and Support

 Provides technical assistance and support to customers

 Analyses network logs and performs diagnostic tests

Performance Optimization

 Review and standardize site configuration to measure and compare measure performance

 Improve the individual and collective performance sites

AUTOMATED Reporting & Documentation

 Maintains detailed documentation of network configurations and incidents

 Generates reports on network performance and incidents

 Provides valuable insights to support decision-making

Unlocking Network Excellence with Sentinel