Remote islands

Rural mobile network

Maritime service

Regional mobile network

Enterprise network

Emergency & disaster relief

Government network


Scaling with network as a service

Appealing model for mnos

All services and slas through a single entity

Preserves capital for priority investments

Nuran’s strategy is to build and operate rural cellular towers, and monetize the assets through ‘network as a service’ (naas) revenue streams

Mobile network operators (mnos) expand / upgrade their networks to meet coverage obligations and capacity requirements without capital investment

Mnos pay a service fee, either a revenue-share or fixed-opex model with guaranteed minimums set to cover in-country operating costs

Contracts span up to 10 years securing monthly recurring revenues (mrr)

GSM network-in-a-box

NuRAN’s GSM network-in-a-box solution consists in a small-scale implementation of core network elements, which allows the deployment of a GSM network anywhere, in a matter of minutes. The solution acts as a gateway between mobile phones and a PBX for calls, and internet for data. The network-in-a-box may be deployed separately from the BTS, or it can reside within the Superfemto or LiteCell for utmost portability and cost-efficiency. From a simple interface, users may configure the BTS, manage subscribers, policies, short dial, establish SIP trunk and internet, monitor registering handsets, etc.

Geo-Marketing & Site Selection

NURAN offers a precise answer to the question: where should I build?


Where are the people located who need coverage?

How many people are there?

What is the best location(s) for sites to cover

NuRAN provides products and services that help mobile network operators profitably serve off-grid markets that are currently not served. We create solutions for access to communications and internet for people that need it most in rural areas around the world.