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Nexus Core Network

Complete 2G & 3G soft core network for small to medium-sized operations such as:

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  • Regional Mobile Network
  • Rural Mobile Network
  • Enterprise Private Network
  • Humanitarian Organizations
  • Disaster Relief Organizations



Key Features

  • Carrier-grade
  • All-Integrated
  • Pay-as-you-grow


Nexus is a complete 2G & 3G soft core network that contains all the elements of a standard core network (MSC, VLR, AuC, EIR, SGSN, GGSN, SMSC) as well as many additional features such as emergency calls, automated announcements, call forwarding, voicemail, 3-way call and more.

The Nexus core network is designed for small to medium-sized operations such as regional mobile network, rural mobile network, enterprise private network as well as for specific needs from government, humanitarian and disaster relief organizations.

The network supports inter-working with other PLMN or to PSTN using standard interfaces, but it can also interface to an IP PBX or VoIP provider by trunking to SIP.

With Nexus Core Network, there is no need to integrate with a third-party solution to manage the billing. A comprehensive prepaid billing system allows operators to quickly get into service. When Nexus is operated as a private network without roaming capability, its Foreign SIM Prepaid (FSP) module may automatically register subscribers of other networks, and allow service once their account is activated and their account balance is positive. Integrating to third-party billing system can be done through CAMEL or RADIUS in pre-paid, and industry-standard CDR in postpaid.

Configuration and monitoring of Nexus is performed by the Nexus Manager that allows the network operator to have complete control over the network through a web-based interface.