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GSM base station litecell 1.5

GSM Base Station – LiteCell 1.5

The world’s most affordable, lowest power consumption, and easiest to deploy GSM base station

  • Dual-TRX, 10W each channel
  • Power consumption: 46W (2x5W) / 56W (2x10W)
  • Lowest TCO


The GSM LiteCell 1.5 is uncontestably the world’s most affordable, lowest power consumption, and easiest to deploy GSM base station. Specifically designed to reach the next billion mobile subscribers, NuRAN’s GSM  base station (LiteCell) opens a whole new world of possibilities for connecting low density, low income, and remote populations.


• Rural coverage
• Roadside coverage
• Low density villages
• Remote sites
• Developing countries / Emerging Markets
• Private networks

Reaching farther

So far, remote and sparsely populated locations could not benefit from mobile coverage, as projected revenues from the smaller subscriber bases could not justify the deployment and operation costs inherent to traditional equipment. This reality now belongs to the past, as NuRAN’s GSM base station (GSM LiteCell) makes it possible to build sites at very low cost, and where only minimal or no infrastructure at all exists. Operators now have the possibility to extend their network coverage and reach these subscribers in a viable way.

Simplified deployments

The GSM LiteCell is a hand-carried, tower-mounted basestation. It does not require any machinery to install, nor any kind of shelter to protect it. Antennas connect directly to the unit; no need for costly and cumbersome external RF components. Its all-IP interface makes the GSM LiteCell easy to connect to any IP-based terrestrial or satellite backhaul. The basestation’s ultra-low power consumption minimizes CAPEX associated to solar panels and batteries., or OPEX in the case of diesel-powered sites.

Optimized for satellite

When combined with NuRAN’s NuBSC and LiteSat, the LiteCell achieves industry-leading bandwidth optimization,
thereby keeping the OPEX of satellite-backhauled sites to an absolute minimum.

Proven reliability

The LiteCell 1.5 is NuRAN’s fourth generation of GSM basestation. It builds on a track record of high reliability, with thousands of units deployed in all parts of the world, enduring the harshest conditions.


  • Operating frequencies:


Band Reception Transmission
850 824-850 MHz 869-895 MHz
900 880-915 MHz 925-960 MHz
1800 1710-1785 MHz 1805-1880 MHz


Maximum output power:

  • 2×10 Watts

Output level setting:

  • 1 dB steps

Clock accuracy:

  • < 0.05 ppm


  • -114 dBm, 2% BER (with diversity)

Channel support

Speech format:

  • AMR, HR, FR, EFR


  • A5/0, A5/1, A5/2, & A5/3

Logical interfaces

  • Abis over IP

Physical interfaces

  • Antennae:
  • GPS antenna:
  • Traffic and control:
    Ethernet RJ45


  • Power consumption:
    46 Watts (2x5W)
    56 Watts (2x10W)
  • Input voltage:
    24 VDC nominal
    19-30 VDC supported



  • Dimensions:
    344 mm × 230 mm × 132 mm
  • Weight:
    8 kg
  • Mounting options:
    Pole, wall, tower


  • Operating temperature:
    -20 °C to +55 °C, plus solar loading
  • Storage temperature:
    -40 °C to +70 °C
  • Rating:
  • Cooling: