Martin BedardPresident and Director of the company
Martin Bedard has 15 years of experience in business and management. His company took over the operations of Nutaq in 2011. Martin is an attorney and holds an LL.B from Sherbrooke University. He is also a member of the Quebec Bar Association.



Francis Létourneau
Francis LétourneauVice President, Sales and Marketing
Francis joined Nutaq now Nuran Wireless in 2003 and is currently responsible for the Company’s sales and marketing functions, including implementing the Company’s wireless product strategy and positioning the Company as a market leader for SDRs in the wireless sector. Francis was also involved in the Company’s rebranding to Nutaq Innovation following the acquisition of Lyrtech, the predecessor company to Nutaq and building the Company’s current sales and marketing team. Prior to his role as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Francis held various other roles at Nutaq including, Business Development Manager. Francis holds a BA from Laval University and is a registered CMA.
Thierry Cases
Thierry CasesVice President, Operations and Research & Development
Thierry joined Nutaq in 2001 and is currently Vice President of Operations, overseeing purchasing, logistics, customer service, technical support and production functions at the Company. In addition, Thierry serves as the main interface between the Operations/R&D and the Accounting/Finance departments. Thierry has held several positions at Nutaq over the past 12 years including, Product Division Director, Special Project Manager, Software Product and Project Manager and Technical Support Manager. Thierry holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Laval University and is pursuing an MBA at Laval University
Maxime Dumas
Maxime DumasVice President, Strategy and Corporate Development
Maxime Dumas is a founding member of NuRAN Wireless Inc. Mr Dumas helped define NuRAN’s vision and played a key role in establishing the company as a leading supplier of mobile and broadband wireless solutions. He also built flourishing partner relationships with key industry players such as Facebook, and positioned NuRAN at the forefront of the Telecom Infra Project. Mr Dumas’s role is  to execute the company’s vision and define the strategies that  ensure sustained growth. Prior to NuRAN, Mr Dumas held several technical and business development positions within Nutaq with involvement in software-defined radio, small cells, next-gen wireless, electronic warfare, high-energy physics, and life sciences.