NuRAN’s GSM Radio Access Network solution consists in a complete Base Station Subsystem, ready to be interfaced to MSC & SGSN of existing networks. Both the Abis and A interface are implemented over IP instead of E1/T1, which simplifies local connectivity, and makes it easy to carry traffic over various types of backhaul, such as DSL, microwave, and satellite.

GSM network-in-a-box

NuRAN’s GSM network-in-a-box solution consists in a small-scale implementation of core network elements, which allows the deployment of a GSM network anywhere, in a matter of minutes. The solution acts as a gateway between mobile phones and a PBX for calls, and internet for data. The network-in-a-box may be deployed separately from the BTS, or it can reside within the Superfemto or LiteCell for utmost portability and cost-efficiency.